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LaurieWhoo I got this to work!
LaurieI'll see ya in 10 minutes. I guess.
Bob joined.
Bobhello Laurie!
LaurieHi Bob! I hope we have several members show up.
Bobhope so too
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LaurieHi Matt!
LaurieHi Kelly!
MattHHi Laurie, Bob, Kelly!
Fubarbunopps, let me sign in with my real name haha
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Bobhey.. looks lke a gathering is about to happen :)
KellyG joined.
KellyGHi everyone :)
MattHHopefully we get a few more
KellyGI cant access facebook on this machine, but maybe someone would like to put a reminder up on the FB page that the meeting has begun?
LaurieI just did. I commented on Bob's post.
KellyGThanks Laurie
Bobthere seemed to be interest on the facebook group
Kat_LeGere joined.
MattHI have the charter form here, I was hoping we could elect officers to fill out the charter
Kat_LeGereHi everyone
KellyGHi Kat
MattHKat is here!
LaurieHi Kat. How's it going?
Kat_LeGereMissed everyon in KS
MattHHi Kat, Sorry I couldn't get bunnies for you I don't have any more rabbits.
Kat_LeGereI heard you had problems
Kat_LeGereSo sorry
LaurieIt killed me to not be there. I wish I would have sent rabbits.
Kat_LeGereIt was a rough summer everywhere
LaurieMatt, what? No more rabbits? Stinks
MattHYeah, well I still have rabbits at a friends house.
KellyGSame here, I wanted to attend Convention but we had some issues in family dynamics, and was unable to attend. I had 14 show primed and ready animals - they all went into breeding, so it is not a complete loss
Kat_LeGereWe got a couple from Sembs, and the BOB youth buck from Autumn.
MattHMy sister decided to get married in October instead, I had to be in her wedding
LaurieWe've had a lot of losses this year. Didn't lose any to heat, but had a few with wry neck and other junk.
Kat_LeGereMatt, do you have any Hotots left?
KellyG2013 Convention will litterally be in my backyard. I am 2 hours away from the show hall, and have some ideas that i wanted to make public, when the time comes to offer future suggestions
MattHI have a pair at a friends house, most of mine that survived the summer got too fat to breed.
Kat_LeGereI have been seeing a lot about the Mycotoxins in feed and all the different things (wry neck...etc) it can cause
Kat_LeGereLol, diet time
BobOK shall we start the actual meeting?
LaurieThe electrolyte & hay diet. Works every time. Learned about that many years ago.
KellyGwe have had amazingly good luck lately (knock on wood) with feed and general heath and vigor
LaurieSure. Call it to order Bob
Bobmeeting called to order
Kat_LeGereUnfortunately we had a litter 2 days ago that went wrong, everything cleaned but stillborn and maybe malformed or too long in the oven....
MattHI had the most awesome rabbit fine one day and had a weird head tilt the next day. Never was sick a day in it's life, I was so upset. I ended up culling her.
BobMatt do you have a treasure report
MattHYes, we have 525.13 in the bank
Bobany outstanding expenses?
MattHJust the charter renewal that I will be sending in here shortly
Kat_LeGereDo we have a club handbook, or any club logo stuff?
MattHI have some outdated stuff
Bobhow much is the renewal?
MattH$25.00 I think
LaurieI had started working on a handbook, but my laptop bit the dust & I lost it all. I'd be willing to start on it again. I also have a couple of T Shirts from the 90's.
MattHnope, it's 20.00 even
Bobis there a motion to accept the treasure reprot?
MattHKelly has a really awesome new logo
LaurieMotion to accept
KellyGyes, i accept the report
Kat_LeGereLet's see it.
Boball in favor of accepting the reasure report?
Kat_LeGereKelly, can you post the logo idea on facebook?
MattHI can help with the handbook
Bobmotion passes
BobMatt do you have a current list of members?
MattHYes, I do
Bobhow current is the list on the website?
KellyGKat - the logo should already be out there somewherem i think its in the yahoo group. I will have to find it, becayse my computer is permanantly down and will not be recoverable. It was passed to Matt, and I think made public last year
Kat_LeGereWe could probably contribute something towards a handbook since Kate has been working with the Dwarf Hotots for several years.
Kat_LeGereDid you all pass a computer bug around?
MattHI can check my e-mail and see if I can pull it up
LaurieMy computer bug was a 6 year old girl with a glass of lemonade.
MattHKelly is a computer wiz, her logo looked so much better than the one I did...lol
KellyGi would be very happy to help with the guidebook. I had hotot's bac in the early 90's, and again now, so have lots to share.
Laurieso..... 2012 Hotot Nationals... yeah,
KellyGas far as articles and genetics information anyway
LaurieOh, it was in Wisconsin. Didn't hear about it? not surprised
MattHDo we want to put someone in charge of the handbook and they can compile information and articles from members?
Kat_LeGereKelly, maybe we can get together with you and help on some stuff.
LaurieI'll be in charge of handbook
KellyGmine was a very well used tired machine that just gave up the ghost. I will locate the file I worled on for a logo
MattHYep, it was in Wisconsin, I would have went but I didn't have anything to show
KellyGI think Laurie would be great for the handbook
Kat_LeGereI was there in WI, but nothing to show :-(
LaurieYeah, well there was never an official posting of the time or date of the national show. No mailings. No emails. Nothing.
Kat_LeGereDid get bunnies from Barb :-)
Kat_LeGereIt was posted somewhere, I heard about it to go.
KellyGi agree with laurie...the national2012 was very poorly infomred. I was unable to attend regardless, but would have liked to see some information regarding it
Kat_LeGereI just don't remember where...LOL
MattHI thought it was advertised, but I could be wrong
Kat_LeGereSo when can we do 2013?
MattHYes, we should get 2013 in order so it isn't last minute
LaurieIf you guys recall, we had a discussion about it on the fb group. Then, Michael got mad. Removed himself and unfriended from every one.
KellyGit was, but very late, and minimal effort was made to punlicise it
LaurieI motion to have 2013 HRBI National in Louisville, KY. in april
Kat_LeGereso, 2013?????
David_Shriner joined.
KellyGwelcome david
Lauriehi david. fashionably late. lol
Kat_LeGereMarch, Bloomington,
David_ShrinerHi all
KellyGI like the Ohio location in conjunction with the Ohio Mini Covnetion
Kat_LeGereHi David
Laurieno, membership list on website is not up to date. bob
Kat_LeGereUgh, Reno
KellyGhowever...membership list
MattHNo, that list isn't up to date. I have a more up to date one. I was sending the membership list to Dave L. but he has dropped out
Kat_LeGereReno in May, WI in April, but Bloomington in March could work?
MattHKelly G. has offered to be webmistress
KellyGSorry to interrupt, but I would like to handle the website if no one is oppised.
BobHow many members do we have that are current on dues
LaurieI move to make Kelly webmistress
MattHwe have 20 members currently
Kat_LeGereMatt, am I currently a member?
KellyGI know Chris Hagerty will be renewing very shortly
Kat_LeGereI never saw anything
MattHYep, Kat your a member
Bobthere is a motion on the floor to have Kelly take over the webstie. is there a 2nd?
Kat_LeGerei'll 2nd
MattHI 2nd
Boball in favor
Bobmotion passes
Kat_LeGerewho does sweeps and sanctions?
Lauriethe secretary, so matt
MattHKelly, just e-mail me what format you want the list in
KellyGwill do, thank you matt
MattHYes, I have a current up to date sweeps list
MattHthat is also out of date on the website
BobNow for the charter ... what officers do we need in place?
KellyGdo we have a sweepstakes chairperson, or is that currently the responisibilty of the secretary/treasurer?
MattHWe need directors
MattHCurrently the secretary does sweepstakes
Lauriei've offered to be a director.
Bobhow many director slots are vacant?
MattHGreat, Laurie!
BobIs Barb Semb still a director?
Kat_LeGereMatt, I have a thought about membership. We ran across the Tan club this year and they set up a paypal accout linked on the site for members to join. It did make it quick and easy.
KellyGi am not sure of the job disctiption of the directors position, but may be interested.
MattHBarb is a director
LaurieI had a paypal account linked to hrbi membership when i was secretary. Used it one time.
Kat_LeGereCan I be a director?
MattHI like the idea of paypal linked
MattHYes, Kat you could be a director!
Kat_LeGereIt is such an easy way to do memberships and even sanctions
KellyGwhat does the directors do?
BobI've not heard from Margaret C I know she still has rabbits, but is not being very active
MattHI see she hasn't been showing rabbits
KellyGlaurie: I think the paypal would be a great idea, as we can send sanctions nearly day of show
Kat_LeGereWhere is Margaret located?
Lauriewashinton state. it's DC's rabbitry.
Bobfor the directors do we need to have a membership wide vote or can the be president appointed for now?
LaurieI think they can be appointed. check the by laws
KellyGwhat does a director do? I amy already be doing this job lol!
MattHI would say the President can appoint them, I think the by laws say they can be appointed by necessity
MattHDirectors vote, so if someone lets their membership exprire we might have the directors vote for a new officer etc
KellyGthank you. I would also like to run for a direcor position
MattHGreat, Kat your address the great bend KS one?
Kat_LeGereBesides Barb, who are the other directors?
Kat_LeGereGreat Bend
MattHOne was Dave
KellyGI have had a postal mailing address change. I will update that with you when I get the website information Matt
Kat_LeGereWhich dave?
MattHthe other one was Leslie Ardison and we made her VP
Kat_LeGereSo there needs to be 4?
MattHDave L. outside Chicago
Kat_LeGereIs he still going to do it?
MattHYep, 4 would be awesome, we can have up to 8
MattHDave has not paid his dues, he has not responded so I don't think he is in the club
LaurieI haven't seen or heard anything from him in quite some time.
Kat_LeGereWas he having some health issues recently?
LaurieNo, that was Mike Landers that was having health issues.
Stormy joined.
Kat_LeGereSomeone recently had to sell out due to C.
MattHI am not sure, he's in a urban area like me so he might have had zone issues
StormySorry I'm late!
StormyHi everyone
KellyGI am fairly well connected to the few east coast breeders and fanciers of Hotot's, and please keep in mind, if there are any that I do not know about, Hurricane Sandy has not been kind to us! There are still thousands without poewr and ways of communications
Kat_LeGereWe would have put a botth together at Wichita, but we didn't know the status of things.
BobOK I just ckecked the by laws.. president can appoint in emergency. otherwise has to be voted by club membership
Kat_LeGereIs this an emergency?
LaurieDo you have to mail out officail votes? The charter has to be in by Jan 1
Bobwe will say it is :)
Lauriesounds good, bob.
MattHI think so, it's high time to get business done
KellyGTime freame tells me that it is an emergency
Bobis David a member?
LaurieHow many directors do we need?
MattHKelly, can you e-mail me your new address?
Kat_LeGereYes, this club is at risk of disappearing if no one can find us.
Bobmin of 3 max of 6 according to the bylaws
KellyGi certainyl can Matt...ill send it right now
MattHWe need 3 but it's good to have 4 in case one of them forgets to pay their arba dues
LaurieIs Barb going to be retained as director?
Kat_LeGereI thought it was max of 8?
David_ShrinerI'm not current.
MattHI would keep Barb
KellyGI want to run for a director position
MattHYes, we can have up to 8 min of 3
LaurieCan I motion that myself, kelly & kat be appointed as directors?
Kat_LeGereI can be the 3rd
Bobas president I'll appont Laurie, Kelly, and Kat as directors for the interim
Kat_LeGereand Barb
MattHGreat! That gives us 4
LaurieGreat. whats the next topic?
BobOK... lets talke Nationals
MattHThat we can send out a ballot for so everyone can vote
MattHAnyone who wants to host, I say throw your hat in the ring
LaurieI recommend Louisville or Columbus. Both are HUGE shows with many other specialties and other national shows
Kat_LeGerewhere are the most people located near.
LaurieEveryone is spread out across the country.
BobI know that Matt posted to the Yahoo group about 2012 in Wisconsin last year!
LaurieI have a lead on sharing a judge with the american club at Louisville
MattHWe are a small club, so we need to have a show where exspenses can be kept minimal.
Kat_LeGereThat is where I must have seen it
MattHOhio usually only charges a % depending on how many rabbits are entered
KellyGColumbus is 8 hours from me, but I can almost always make arrangements to attend that one. it falls on a great weekend
Kat_LeGereBloominton is a drive for me, but I thought maybe closer to others
MattHWisconsin let us do it free, and the judge was paid for by the hosting club we only had to contribute $1.00 per rabbit
Kat_LeGereIt is the same time as the Reno show
LaurieI like Columbus. I try to go to that show every year.
MattHI would talk to judges at both shows and the hosting club and see what the cost will be for a nationals
LaurieI can try to get contact info and send it to you, matt. then we could send out a vote
MattHOhio is 2nd biggest show in the country and the club is super easy to work with.
MattHOne idea I heard last year was a fall nationals... what does everyone think of that?
Kat_LeGereThat would be great too
MattHThe only problem I've seen with Ohio is sometimes first weekend of May is too early for juniors...my does didn't have babies that early in the spring... just depends how hard the winter is
KellyGI dont likie the ide of a fall National matt...moult time, and too close to Convention...
LaurieI dont care for a fall national show. we go from county fair, state fair, state convention & national convention within 2 months
Kat_LeGereIt was June in WI
KellyGspring gived a chance for placements to change - or be the same if the stock is suerior
Lauriechange to the standard? committee?
MattHYes, we need a standards comittee, when is the next SOP change?
MattHErik Bensgton had some good ideas
KellyGYES! Standards comittee!
Bobare you all done talking about a national show? Is there a motion for a particiular show date and place?
LaurieI motion to hold the HRBI National in Columbus, OH May 2013
KellyGI second the motion
Kat_LeGereI think more info needs to be collected before a date is finaluized
Boball in favor?
MattHI'm in favor of Ohio
Stormymost of this is beyond me - but I know I can't make Ohio!
Stormybut I'm new anyways so kinda don't count ;)
Bobyou count!!!
David_Shriner left.
KellyGyour vote counts!
MattHWe like all our members!
Kat_LeGereIs Ky out of the question then?
KellyGeve if you cant make it, if you think it sounds good, or bad, vote
Stormyaw, thanks! I'm only one week into having Hotots though - I don't really know what you guys are talking about haven't shown rabbits in about 30 years...
Stormynot sure what that means - nationals
MattHI didn't get an invite to have nationals in KY once and it was pricey for our small club
BobThe topic is 2013 National Hotot show
KellyGnationals is the smaller breed specific equivilent to a national convention
StormyAnd that is different than national convention?
Stormyoh i see
Laurieanyways, whats the vote?
Bobmotion passes with 3 in favor
MattHSo, I would love to get a handbook together with Laurie so I can send it out to the new members
KellyGlocation. so far up is columbus ohio,spring 2013
StormyI think its a great idea to have a national show, even if I can't make it. so yes
LaurieLaurie will get to work on it this week. Start on tuesday
BobOK.. Laurie and Matt are going to work on a Hotot Handbook???
Kat_LeGereStormy, where are you located?
Stormyare all the big shows in the midwest?
MattHYep, I can help....
StormyI'm in California, San Francisco area
KellyGI will send you what materials I have recorded. I have started several articles on breeding, genetics, and breed specific information
MattHCan we post something on facebook for people to send us pictures of their rabbits for the website/handbook etc?
BobAre we ready for Standards?
LaurieI'll get something posted on the FB group.
KellyGill be right back. natre calls!
LaurieYes, standards please.
Kat_LeGereFacebook would be a good place to go for stuff.
MattHDo we want to appoint a chairman of the standards committee?
BobWe need 5 members on the Standards committee that have raised Hotot for at least 5 years and are members of both ARBA and HRBI
StormyI agree Facebook is the best place
BobI have to have the list to ARBA by Jan 1st
Kat_LeGereNot me yet :-)
Kat_LeGereDo we have 5???
BobWe then have to come up with a standard and have it voted by the membership by 2014 (if I remember rightly)
MattHBob, do you want to be chairman? Then yu can use your website for a standards meeting?
MattHHave I been a member for 5 years? lol
MattHLaurie, when did I get into Hotots? I forget
LaurieOh, it was in Ohio in 2006. I think
Bobcan use the website whether I chair or not.
MattHOh I'm good then
BobYes Matt you've been here for at least 5 :)
MattHthe years blur together sometimes
MattHI'll be on the standards comittee
LauriePick me! Pick me!
BobHere's the 5 that I've got down. Laurie, Matt, Myself, Kelly, and Autumn
MattHLaurie, Bob, Me...
KellyGok, im back
KellyGjut read up
LaurieCan Autumn be on the standards committe being a youth?
MattHErik Bensgton might be interested if she can't
Bobyep SOP doesn't specify youth or not... and she is a registrar
KellyGyes, i would like to be on the standards comittee
KellyGIs eric a member of HRBI?
Stormywhat exactly is the Standards Committee?
LaurieHe was
MattHYep, Erik is a member
KellyGok good!
LaurieThe standard hasn't been changed since 1979.
KellyGunfortunately, yes
LaurieBut we'll discuss that all at standards committee meetings.
KellyGand a possibly hinderance to our breed
BobStandards committee is responsible to review the ARBA standard and make recommendations to changes in the standard
LaurieI make a motion to accept myself, matt, bob, kelly & autumn as the Blanc de Hotot standards committee.
KellyGi second
Boball in favor?
MattHAnd my experience with other clubs just because we recommend changes doesn't mean they will pass ....lol I think Erik Bensgton might be on the stardards comittee so that might be a conflict of interest
Bobmotion passes
BobNext on Laurie's list she sent me is newsletters
BobI would like to see the newsletter posted to the website rather than snail mail
MattHI used to mail them out, I haven't sent one out in a long time, I asked for pictures and got 0
KellyGdo we want to compile a newsletter comittee, or just apoint a willing newsletter chairperson?
Laurieemail would work even.
MattHI agree, we should do some sort of electronic newsletter to save $ on postage
LaurieI'd just like to be up to date on members, wins, etc.
KellyGi agree to both matt and laurie
MattHIs there a way we can set it up so only members can view it?
Laurieyou can post it to the FB group and yahoo.
Kat_LeGeree-mailing the newsletter would be great
Lauriemass email it
StormyI think email is an excellent way to stay in touch
Kat_LeGeree-mail it to members only
KellyGmass email
MattHI'd like to se it kept so that only members can get it or there would be no vaule to being a member of the club.
KellyGmembers only
KellyGas the interest and budget expands, we can always convert back to a hard copy newsletter
MattHCan we set it up so you log into it on the website?
KellyGI will have to check the capeabilities of the php server, but that is a possibility
Stormythe harder it is to get to, the less likely people are to read it
MattHThe problem I've seen with e-mailing a copy to members is, everyone has a different version of Microsoft word so there was issues opening it
Kat_LeGereThat seems more complicated than it need to be.
KellyGemailing is great for that. hard copies provided for those members with no internet access
Kat_LeGereso, send it as a pdf
Stormyusing myself as an example, I forget my user name or password and boom! off to the bottom of the stack of things to figure out it goes
KellyGbut everyone can access a free adobe acrobat
Kat_LeGereeveryone can open PDF docs to read
MattHI like the PDF idea!
Stormypdf is great
Lauriei can open pdf on my iphone so, that would work great
MattHI'm pretty computer illiterate, but Kelly can help me if I can't convert to PDF
KellyGplus someone nwith a good working knolege of adobe acrobat can make a beautiful newsletter
Lauriegood thing it's only a quarterly newsletter. lol
Stormyusually you just do "print" and there is a pdf option - most computers "print" to pdf
Kat_LeGereKelly is doing webpage, Laurie is doing guidebook, I could do newsletter
Bobthere are porgrams that will convert a windows doc to pdf
KellyGyes, google has a place for opening AND editing PDF files.
Stormyactually you can make the newsletter in ANY program and save to pdf
Kat_LeGereyes Stormy
Kat_LeGereit is not complicated at all, edit in word, convert to PDF to e-mail
MattHYes, I just learned the ARBA website only takes PDF if it's a certain size. I now have a program to shrink PDFs
Bobwe've got a volunteer for newsletter... Kat are you sure?
Kat_LeGereYes, if someone can give me ideas of what they want to see in it.
MattHI can send membership list and sweepstakes standings
LaurieKat, if you need pics. I have 1000s of Hotot pics
MattHUpcoming shows that have been sanctioned
KellyGi have volenteered for everything except that...its a lot for me to handle. I am also going to start an east coast Hotot specialty club for everyone east of the mississippi. I am going to have my newslettering plate full ;)
Kat_LeGereLOL, I bet you do Laurie :-)
BobMatt and Laurie have both been sec of the club I'm sure they can help,
MattHKelly, if you can do the website I"d be eternally grateful
KellyGpics, articles, when people have a GREAT judge who appreciates an Hotot....I have a running list myself
Kat_LeGereThat sounds great
MattHI can't read code
MattHI can cut and paste tho
KellyGyes I have already been appointed for web mistress. i have the logon and password
Bobis the newsletter taken care of?
LaurieI motion to appoint Kat to be in charge of newsletter
Kat_LeGereso membership, sweeps, do you want finanvcial reports?
KellyGI will get to that as soon as I can, probably PM's as I have a special needs child in cyberschool
KellyGi second, laurie
Boball in favor?
Kat_LeGereMatt, I'll catch up with you to get ideas if that is OK.
LaurieAnd an article in DR every once in a while would be cool.
KellyGwhat is next on old business?
MattHSounds good, do you have my yahoo e-mail?
Bobmotion passes
BobConvention booth?
KellyGyes, that would be a great asset! Some information in DR!
Kat_LeGereIt was MISSED :-(
MattHYeah, I didn't hear where 2013 was?
MattHoh duh
Laurie2013 is PA. 2014 Ft worth tx
KellyGi had posted on facebook asking if anyone was opposed to me running the 2013 convention hotot table.
KellyGHarrisburg, PA
Kat_LeGere2014 TX
Kat_LeGereSounds great Kelly.
MattHSounds good, I had spoke to Mike Launders to see if he wanted to split a booth in Kansas but he was ill
LaurieI'll donate a show quality Hotot buck for a raffle at the 2013 Convention booth. All procedes will go to the club.
KellyGi have plans for sales of club merchandise, a raffle table, and convention placements, as well as booth decorating
MattHI think PA will be a great convention!
BobMichael Sherwood asked if he could man the booth in Wichita. Was there a booth in Wichita?
Kat_LeGereMatt, I wish you would have thought of us. We would have helped
Kat_LeGereNot to my knowledge.
MattHThere wasn't a booth
Kat_LeGerePeople kept asking too.
LaurieI've got to go pick up my kids & dinner. It's after 7 here. Will someone copy what ever i miss & email it to me?
MattHI will check with PA, if you pay ahead of time you get a discount
KellyGI also have a 4H club with members that will voulenteer with the table
LaurieSo glad we finally got a meeting together.
KellyGI will Laurie
MattHTake care Laurie
Bobdo I hear a motion to have a booth in PA, and Kelly being in charge of it
Kat_LeGereTake care Laurie
MattHI motion that!
Kat_LeGereI 2nd
Boball in favor?
Laurieand I'll talk to you all later. take care!
BobLaurie thank you for coming!
Bobmotion passes
KellyGgood to see ya laurie, talk soon!
BobLast thing on my list... Every year the American Rabbit folks have a nationwide drift
BobWhere members move rabbits from one breeder to anther across the nation
KellyG...like a rabbit railroad?
KellyGor for genetic diversity?
Bobgets genetics moved around... Not sure we have enough members... but would like to investigate doing something like that
StormyI think its a great idea
Stormyif it would help build stronger lines for the breed as a whole - or would it just average everyoone out to having the same genetics?
KellyGopps, sorry about the caps
StormyI just figured you were excited ;)
MattHIt's best for the breed!
KellyGwell thats the problem. the hotot is a tight genetic breed. we are all already using the same genetics that are availible in the country, just with different precentagesof the common ancestors
Stormyso how does it really help?
KellyGwhat is in the US is in the US.
Stormyperhaps pooling together to get an import is better ?
MattHSembs have some awesome stock, it's realatively closely bred, so not a whole lot of people woul have their genes
KellyGIt can change those percentaqges
MattHproblem with importing is they are rare in Europe too
KellyG agree, htey have very nice animals with excellent type. I do not know if this is the place for discussion of geneticsd and thoughts, but I have some concusions
BobImporting is also costly. In 2009 it cost me over 300 per rabbit. Matt imported in what 2011?
MattHyeah, that was not a good experience for me... the does were pregnant but didn't take care of their babies so I ended up with 2 bucks
KellyGI have taken a tremendous ammount of flack for it, but I am cross breeding with a very tight serious goal in mind, and I do not mind culling the entire project for meat of it does not pan out the way I would like. however, i already have some now 'purebreds' from crossbred stock, and they are breedi
MattHI don't have any problem with crossbreeding
Stormyis Semb part of this club?
BobWe can think about doing a drift - moving stock around and discuss it over time
Stormybut none of you share genetics with Semb?
MattHThe imports I am sure have had to have been outcrossed at some point because they are definately different from the rabbits with have here
KellyGi have some issues with crossbreeding when the breed crossed on is too far removed from the Hotot
Kat_LeGerehow so Matt?
Stormyits tricky crossbreeding from what I've read, as the original strain's genetics can get lost, from the Am.Livestock Conservancy book
MattHSembs got a pair from me in 2008 and their rabbits are all offspring from that original pair. They have outcrossed to bring in new blood, but a very tight gene pool from that original pair
KellyGthe icing on our breeds cake is the coat the standard was written for,
Stormydoes it strengthen or dilute
MattHI have problems crossbreeding to REW and Breverns
MattHblue eye spots or REW offspring
Stormyyes REW is just a blanket gene over other colors = not good!
BobI just sent a pair of promissing juniors for dog food because of marbled eyes
KellyGi agree matt...however, the originals had trouble with the blue eye marbeling. its also an effect of the dutch gene, which are present in any animal that has ever produced a silver piebald
Stormyinteresting Kelly
StormyI'd love to know more - but I have to leave!!
KellyGand even the ones that do NOT have the blue eyes or marbeling can and normally do still have the du genetics
StormyI'll leave my chat window running though so I can see what you all say ... bye all!
Bobalright is there anything else that needs to be discussed?
MattHI have also had piebald brood does who have had 100% standard babies... and standard does who would have 50% sports and piebalds
KellyGif the nose spots are completely gone, the du gene is present. if there are spots on the back, the du gene is present
Kat_LeGereI think this was a good nmeeting. How often should we hold them?
KellyGim trying to think
MattHIts been good to chat with everyone!
KellyGi wold like to see more of these meetings. especially if we are going to have all of thewse committees
Kat_LeGerewhen do we meet again?????
MattHSpring before nationals?
BobI have been suggesting quarlerly meetings for years :)
MattHGood to see participation! YEah! Thank you to all the volunteers!
MattHEy Bob, it's good to see the club moving in a good direction!
Bobyes it is :)
KellyGI like that bob
BobSo would mid February work?
MattHSounds good, get a chance to meet before nationals
KellyGI think so. would give lots of time along the doldrum of winter to gather thoughts and ideas
BobAnd does Sunday work best, or would another day be better?
MattHBob can you send me a transcript of the meeting?
MattHSunday is perfect for me
KellyGthey are good for me unless there is a problem with my step son's drop off time
Kat_LeGereSunday is fine
Bobyes I'll get the transcript in the morning and forward you a copy
KellyGyes bob, could you please send me a transcript? I have tried a few different ways to copy and paste the text, but it would not do it
Kat_LeGereWhen do we need a newsletter?
KellyGi think quarterly with a start in maybe March?
Laurie left.
KellyGthis way we have lots of time to get infromation passed where it needs to be
MattHSounds good
BobMatt let's thnk about membership cards... I've never gotten one :(
MattHK, I have a post card idea
BobAnd dad burn it me and my wife are life members :)
KellyGi got one...a BIG one ::tongue
KellyGwhat is the lifetime membership fee? and what are the requirements?
MattHI think 25 years of membership
Bobeither 20 years continusous membership or $200
Kat_LeGereThank Kelly
KellyGok, so I could pay that much in and be a lifetime mmeber?
KellyGi am doing this with ARBA this year
KellyGrtabbits have been such a crucial aspect of my life for so long, I dont know much abut life without them
Kat_LeGereCan we put a membership app on the website to download
MattHI think there is a membership app on it now. It may need to be updated
KellyGi think there is one already, however it will be updated and printable
BobI think there is a membership app on the website? I know there is a sanction form on there
BobDo I hear a motion to adjourn the meeting?
MattHI motion to adjourn
Boby'all can still chit chat
KellyGfirst...any further business?
MattHI have to run, dinner will be ready soon
MattHnone here
BobI've got nothing more on my list
KellyGok, motion to adjourn seconded
Boball in favor?
BobStormy or Kat?
Bobmotion passes.. meeting adjourned Thank you all for coming!!!
Kat_LeGereHave a great night everyone
KellyGthank you for having us Bob!
Kat_LeGereYes, thank you Bob :-)
Bobyou're welcome... chat room is here 7 days a week 24 hours per day... for all to use!
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