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LudivineGood afternoon!
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Steve_PappasIm here'
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Laurie_StaleyGood afternoon :)
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JenGood Morning!
Kelly_GarrityI am glad to see so many names so far :)
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bob_wanyone have problems getting into the room?
Kelly_GarrityI noticed that it took much longer to load this morning - I think people are changing their log in formats
bob_wI could not get it to work with Internet Explorer 10
Kelly_GarrityI am bouncing back and forth between Facebook and here to help anyone that is having issues or questions
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Ludivine_LaperrièreGood afternoon from sunny Halifax!
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Jen_WWhat? I want to be Jen_Green_Herb now :-)
Kelly_GarrityFirst names and either your last name, or inital please
bob_wanyone have a particular item they want discussed?
Ludivine_LaperrièreNews letters
Mardi_Trickster_HaresI did that just so you all know who I am since I'm Trickster Hares on Facebook :)
Kelly_GarrityI have several proposals, but would like to do the old news, and new news in order
andrew.evans2nd nationals
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Diego_Aguilarstandard change
Mardi_Trickster_Haressecond that standard reconsideration
Ludivine_LaperrièreStandard change
Mardi_Trickster_Hareswith that a pose change
Kelly_GarrityStandard revisions will be handled through the standards comittee
Steve_PappasNeed a standards committee to make that happen, who is on it?
Kelly_GarrityWe are open to suggestions to add into the propositions
Kelly_GarrityOn the website, the comittee members are listed
Diego_Aguilarsecond steve_pappas, can we determine who is doing what in each committe?
Steve_PappasOh yes, hello from the mountains of West Virginia!!!!! LOL
Mardi_Trickster_HaresAlso like to discuss West Coast potential Nationals at Convention Portland 2015
Diego_AguilarLeslie Ardison doesn't even raise Hotots anymore and she's Vice-president
Mardi_Trickster_HaresGood point Diego
Babs_G. ::up
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Kelly_GarrityBob - I need a copy of the consitution and by-laws for the club
Diego_AguilarI would like to have it as well, can we make it public?
Steve_PappasPerhaps the C & B sould be posted on the web site
Kelly_GarrityIt is my intent to do so
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Babs_G.I think it should be on the website
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Kelly_GarrityBob - should we try to wait for Matt, or should we call to order?
Mardi_Trickster_HaresI don't know if this appropriate for this meeting, I'd like to discuss ways of building the breed, building the club, and building competition. Many people seem to peter out of Hotots due to lack of competition. I would like to get some West Coast competition going, of which there really isn't any i
ShereeJHello all
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andrew.evansok- im sorry to be "that guy" but can is there some order of how busness is to be discussed? because at the moment all i can see are several different disscussion points happening at once. Are we on Consitution & By-laws at the moment?
Jen_WI believe we're just chatting now until the meeting is called to order.
Mardi_Trickster_HaresI think that we're putting the agenda together right now Andrew
Kelly_GarrityWhen we call to order, then we will get down to business.
Laurie_StaleyI must have totally missed everything. I just got disconnected and reconnected
Kelly_GarrityLaurie - just some chit chat at this moment. We have not called to order, we are hoping that Matt can attend. I have no idea how he is feeling right now
Jen_WI'm really happy to see the interest in the south. We just need to get some rabbits breeding down here.
Mardi_Trickster_HaresI heard from him I think he's doing better in general - yay!
Laurie_StaleyRight on. Hope Matt can get on here.
ShereeJMine are all bred, Jen. :)
Steve_PappasI am getting a lot of pm's for availability of Hotot's for Texas convention
Jen_WSteve-I sent one of them :-)
Mardi_Trickster_HaresThat's awesome Steve
Kelly_GarrityIn the history of the breed - the demand has always been high and the availiblity of stock has been low.
Mardi_Trickster_HaresAnother agenda item: articles for Domestic Rabbit, which I'm volunteering for
Mardi_Trickster_HaresReally Kelly? I didn't know that
Mardi_Trickster_HaresOK everyone! BREED MORE RABBITS!! haha :)
Ludivine_LaperrièreI am volunteer for news letters as well... I will make sure it will be reviewed for proper English of course! ;)
Jen_WI have one that should have some babies this week. Fingers Crossed!
Mardi_Trickster_Haresnewsletters are a terrific idea :)
Laurie_StaleyCan we call this meeting to order? Please
ShereeJGood luck Jen
Jen_WAre the directors regional?
bob_wmeetin in order
bob_wcommittee reports
Kelly_GarrityI offer to update as much secretary/treasury infomraiton that I have availible.
bob_wgo ahead Kelly
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Kelly_GarrityWe recevied 7 new meberships - Open, Youth, and Family at Convention
Kelly_GarrityI will list them here so that we can know who has voting.
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Steve_PappasOui, Ludivine, un anglais correct s'il vous plait!!!!!! LOL
Kelly_GarrityMolly Alger, Melissa and Chris Carlson, Felicia Brecht, Andrew Evans, Galkowski family, Stephen Pappas, Barbara Miller
Kelly_GarrityWe have no shows today on Molly and Felicia
Laurie_StaleyKelly, can you please get a transcript of the meeting, my wifi is laggy and wont keep up.
Babs_G.is this working?
Mardi_Trickster_HaresKelly, I'm assuming everyone knows then that people such as myself are also members having joined previously?
Kelly_GarrityI ran a raffle at the booth for the 2013 Convention in Harrisburg, in total, between memberships, and raffle funds, we earned $292.
bob_wAny idea how many members the club has total?
Kelly_GarrityYes, there are a few that I am unsure about the renweal dates, but yes, I have a general know of who the members are
Kelly_GarrityNo - I have requested data from Matt, and am waiting for it ot arrive
Kelly_GarrityI think the funds we ahve earned at the 2013 Convention may possibly be the largest earnings ever for the club. I also forgot to mention, there was $25 left from running the 2013 National that was included in that figure
Barbara_MThats great!
Kelly_GarrityA trasncript of this meeting will be listed on the website, in the same format as the previous meeting was listed
Mardi_Trickster_HaresCurious what the funds go to pay for?
Laurie_StaleyWithout the info from Matt, we do not have membership lists, or the treasury report.
Kelly_GarrityThe largest money earned at the Convention was in regards to a Flemish Giant quilt that was graciously donated by Barbara Miller.
bob_wHas Matt communicated the club treasurey?
Laurie_StaleyFunds go towards Nationals and Convention booth, awards for convention, etc.
Kelly_GarrityThe funds pay for charter renewals, sanctions, Nationals, Conventions, and awards
Kelly_GarrityNo he has not at this time Bob.
bob_wMatt told me he was going to try and attend the meeting. Hoping he is OK!
bob_wShall we move on?
Kelly_GarrityI am in possession of the funds earned between the National and Convention, but will be sending him a check shortly. I am also in possession of the merchandise at this time.
Kelly_GarrityI think I need to send a patch to someone, but I am not sure who...I need confirmation from Matt, but yes, I think we can move on
Laurie_StaleyOld business?
Kelly_GarrityI second laurie
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bob_wI was told that we got our standards committee information to ARBA too late. I'd sent an email, but evidently they either didn't get it or they did not accept anything other than written format
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Mardi_Trickster_HaresHold on a second - curious whether we should find someone to take over Matt's responsibilities until he's ready and well?
Babs_G.I dont know what I missed but it stopped working on me
Jen_WKelly has taken over Matt's duties. However, he still has a lot of the information and we can't force him to send it.
Kelly_GarrityIn regards to old business, we had elected Kat to be our Newsletter Editor, whoch also includes the write ups for articles in Domestic Rabbits magazine. I would like to submit a nomination fo Diego for Newsletter editor.
Barbara_Msecond it
Diego_Aguilarwhat are the implications of sending standards committee info to ARBA late?
Kelly_GarrityI am actin on the intrim for sec/treas. I do not however have any banking information so I can only be of milk assistance.
Mardi_Trickster_HaresIf Diego is willing, I second that. I am also available to help with DR articles - didn't realize it was the same job!
bob_wwe have a nomination and second for Diego to be new letter editor. any discussion?
Laurie_StaleyCan we resend Standards Committee info this year?
Kelly_GarrityIt means that we will be using the same standard untill the next revision, which will be after this new one comes out - so we have over 5 years to 'get our ducks in a row'
Mardi_Trickster_HaresYes Bob I want to know about what that means we sent it in late
Laurie_StaleyBabs, it has been really slow on my end too.
andrew.evansDiego is well involved and a high supporter of the club. i move in favor of this nomination
Babs_G.I just went and got the latest news. So Im utd now
Diego_Aguilaralso, what was to be sent?
Mardi_Trickster_HaresAre you sure about that? there was just a major standards change in the SOP for American rabbits less than a week ago!
Babs_G.I can help with anything too
Kelly_GarrityI think the deadline for submissions has already passed. I think it was due for intentions 2/1
Mardi_Trickster_HaresInteresting... as changes are still happening in other breeds SOP
bob_wWE have a nomination and a second on the floor! Any discussion on Diego being newsletter editor???
Laurie_StaleyThere is a specific time frame for standards changes, Mardi. It cannot be changed from year to year.
Babs_G.Yes theres changes being discussed on other breeds
Laurie_StaleyI approve of Diego as newsletter editior
Kelly_GarrityI feel at this time, that a standard change may be too hasty - we all have ideas but to fabricate something on short notice may be an issue.. Lets get back to business.,
Babs_G.I approve diego too
Mardi_Trickster_HaresI approve Diego
Kelly_GarrityI feel that Diego (and Ludivine) have a wealth of history to add intrest and insigt to newsletters and articles for DR.
Laurie_StaleyI motion to table ANY discussion about standard changes until a future date.
Ludivine_LaperrièreI approve of Diego as Newsletter editor.
bob_wDoes Diego wnat to be the news letter editor?
Kelly_GarrityI second laurie
Barbara_MI agree with Laurie
Mardi_Trickster_HaresThat's interesting as a few of us have expressed WANTIng to discuss standards specifically in this meeting - just as many
Diego_Aguilaryes i do
Kelly_GarrityAlot of things are interesting, however we need to solidify the club before making haste.
Diego_Aguilaras I said, i have access to resources at university
andrew.evansI move for previous queation- all are in favor as Diego to be editior
Diego_Aguilarediting and printing should not be a problem
bob_wOK... all in favor of Diego being the club's news letter editor say aye
Mardi_Trickster_HaresGo Diego!! ::smile
Mardi_Trickster_Haresoh, "aye"!
bob_wopposed say no
bob_wCongrats Diego appears you've got the job :)
Kelly_Garrityplease bear with me I will try to proxy IF ALLOWED
Diego_Aguilarwhat we need to do now is canalize the efforts we all put in our discussions on FB and write articles for publication
Laurie_Staleyugh, i cant keep up with this because of laggy connections. grrr
Kelly_GarrityMatt is currently at the doctors, he is not well today and will not be able to make it to the meeting
Jen_WThe club would need an official facebook page to do that.
Mardi_Trickster_HaresWe, Diego? That's you, my man!! haha. Do you want us to send contributions of writing or ideas?
Diego_Aguilarno, but I won't be the only one to write articles
Mardi_Trickster_HaresSend him healing wishes, Kelly
Diego_AguilarI will need input from other breeders who will submit their own text
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Diego_Aguilarthe newsletter should reflect ideas from the community at large
Babs_G.I like that idea. Diego
Mardi_Trickster_Haresme too
Kelly_GarrityI feel that the facebook page that we are using is very active and has a lot of traffic. It is run by laurie, and is has been an excellent tool so far. I would like to keep it, and use it as an official page - with rules and revisions, IF Laurie would be willing
Laurie_StaleyI would be willing to have it used as an official page, with myself and Kelly as moderators.
Kelly_Garrity*MATT* He says that the treasury is around $300, but he needs to depsot a few more checks.
andrew.evansis that a motion laurie/kelly or can i make it
bob_wWe probably need to look at replacing a Director that has not been active
Jen_WAs an official page the rules would have to be voted on by the club with elected representatives controlling it. It would no longer be a private page.
Barbara_MI'll second Kellys motion
Kelly_GarritySo if we add my currently holdings from Nationals and Convention, that would bring the treasury to double.
bob_wWhat was Kelly's motion? I must have missed it
Mardi_Trickster_HaresIf that FB page is going to be an official page, I would like to request that people be allowed to freely discuss certain topics that not everyone agrees with. I know this is sensitive and I have respect for someone running their page however they want to. If its a club page I'd like to be able to f
Barbara_MFB page
Kelly_GarrityI had motioned to use the currently facebook page as the Offical Page
Babs_G.What is currently the official page?
Kelly_GarrityWe will NOT be reviewing rules here, they will be later created and voted upon
Laurie_StaleyThat's probably the most the treasury has ever had. ha ha
Kelly_GarrityThere is none
Kelly_Garrity*Babs - sorry, there is no official page
Diego_Aguilarwhat happens with hrbi.org
Kelly_Garrityhrbi.org is the offical website
Kelly_GarrityThis would be pertaining to facebook only
andrew.evansa 2nd was heard for kellys motion- but discuss hasnt be called...just saying
ShereeJWho will be allowed to vote for the rules of the FB group?
Kelly_GarrityPaid members of the HRBI club
bob_wWhat would be the benefit of a club facdbook page beyond what is already available?
Diego_Aguilarmaybe an option would be to accept only members on the FB page to allow more cash flow
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Mardi_Trickster_HaresI'd love a way of getting HRBI.org up to date with the info you do have on file... I am the only active Hotot breeder in CA and not on the website
Diego_Aguilarpeople will have to join HRBI in order to be accepted on FB
Ludivine_LaperrièreI second Diego's request.
Kelly_GarrityI am not in favor of allowing only paid members, we NEED to generate interest, and people are hesitant to pay for something without seeing what is going on with it. Just my humble opinion however
Jen_WThe current facebook page has rules that change at a whim. Having an official facebook page would solidify the rules and create a place for discussion of club business in between meetings.
Laurie_StaleyIf we have people on FB that are only members of HRBI, that would make the page down from 107 to about 30.
Babs_G.I agree kelly
Mardi_Trickster_HaresI agree with Kelly - its a useful tool for encouraging interest
Kelly_GarrityHRBI.ORG is complately up to date with ALL of the information that we have on file.
David_ShrinerI agree with Laurie.
Barbara_MI was a member of the page long before I was a HRBI member
Diego_Aguilarwho in those 107 people do participate in discussions or look at them anyways?
Laurie_StaleyJen W, it was my page. The page rules were listed on the info page.
Mardi_Trickster_Hareswow! that must be new! I'll go check it out right now
Kelly_Garrity*MATT* The Charter for the club has also been renewed with ARBA, and Diego will also be added for DR editor
Laurie_StaleyIt shows me the people that have seen the conversations. There are MANY lurkers.
Mardi_Trickster_HaresI think prospective members check out the feel for the group before they want to join as a paid member
Jen_WThen the rules include that club business cannot be discussed on the page, which is not conducive to a club page.
ShereeJI lurk
Diego_Aguilaris it possible then to open certain threads only to members?
Barbara_MAnd I did follow the discussions, and absorbed the information, and supported the club
Diego_AguilarI don't know to all the possibilities that are offered by FB
Babs_G.We checked it out and followed a lot of posts before allowing Sarah to get blancs
bob_wWe have a motion to have a club facebook page and the motion has been seconded. do I hear a call for a vote?
Mardi_Trickster_HaresPerhaps Diego you can explain what you are wanting by having a members only conversation?
Laurie_StaleyJen, that is because it IS NOT a club page.
Kelly_GarrityI feel that anyone interested in the breed should be allowed to access the page - but again, these things will be discussed at a later date. Motion to table the rules discussion untill we actually create them?
Diego_AguilarI just think that some decisions should be made with members only
Laurie_StaleyDiego, no we cannot have threads open to certain members.
Laurie_StaleyI second kelly
Diego_AguilarI second Kelly as well
Mardi_Trickster_HaresDo we still have an active Yahoo groups that could be members only? just an idea
bob_wwe have a motion to table the discussion on FB page all in favor say aye
Ludivine_LaperrièreI second Kelly.
Laurie_StaleyIf there are cerain discussions open to members only, we can do a group private message.
Jen_WDiego, rule changes and official business are typically left to meetings while facebook pages are more informal and allow others to join in discussions.
Mardi_Trickster_Hareswait a minute
Kelly_GarrityWe have an official Yahoo grouop - also openj to all who want to learn about this breed
Mardi_Trickster_Haresshe said table the discussion on rules
bob_wopposed say no
Mardi_Trickster_Haresnot on the FB page
Diego_Aguilarthat's a good idea Laurie, anything of this sort would be better IMO
Babs_G.Yahoo un unreliable. I had 2 groups of over 1000 members and they were hacked and deleted. I cant even get onto my accounts anymore. a lot of inappropriate spam too
Jen_WI agree that the motion was to table the rules.
Mardi_Trickster_HaresI think you should ask if we are in agreement to make the FB page an official page
Laurie_StaleyThe yahoo page has not been very active. Maybe 1 or 2 posts in the past 6 months.
Kelly_GarrityIt has been motiond, seconded and many agreements above.
Jen_WWhat motion is currently on the table? I have seen three.
bob_wmotion to table officaial Hotot club FB page passes
Mardi_Trickster_Haresagreements on what? this is super confusing..Kelly motioned one thing, Bob another
Mardi_Trickster_HaresI agree to table discussing RULES
Kelly_Garritythe current motion is to supress the discussion of RULES of the facebook page
Mardi_Trickster_Haresand I vote "aye" in favor of making our page an official page :)
Diego_Aguilaraye to supress the discussion of rules of the FB page
bob_wok discussion of rules for FB page suppressed... re-open discussion of having a Hotot FB page?
Laurie_Staley2014 nationals?
Jen_WI agree to the motion to supress the discussion of the RULES. I do not agree to table discussion on whether or not to have an official page.
Kelly_GarrityI second Bob
Mardi_Trickster_HaresI think I am in favor of making the FB page "official" although I'm not really sure how that changes anything but the ability to discuss whats happening in the club?
Jen_WShould we vote on if we want an official page, then if we should make the current page official?
Mardi_Trickster_HaresThank you Laurie for even considering the conversion of "your" page!
bob_wWhat would be the purpose of having an Official Blanc de Hotot FB page?
Ludivine_LaperrièreI second Jen.
Babs_G.Maybe there should be a page for just club members too?
Kelly_GarrityMany people are using facebook as a place to gather ideas and experiences, as a additional and FREE resource.
Babs_G.for discussing club stuff
andrew.evansi'm in favor of the motion stating we covert Lauries current FB group INTO the club's OFFICIAL group. The group already has breeders, supporters, and fanciers in it. Starting over would possibly create a rival group
Laurie_Staleyaye to table discussion of fb page.
Mardi_Trickster_HaresBob, I think it converts it from Laurie's page to "our page" as a group
Laurie_Staley left.
Barbara_Mmore exposure for the breed, information from knowledgable sources
Steve_PappasWe have one for Standard Chin members only, its good for club communication. But the quetion remains, what about those without internet access?
Mardi_Trickster_Haresand therefore in the group's terms
Laurie_Staley joined.
Ludivine_LaperrièreGood point Stephen.
Jen_WBob, official facebook pages allow the sharing of club information in a less formal forum. It gathers interest in the breed and allows discussion between meetings. Having it official solidifies the rules and turns control over to the club as opposed to a single individual.
Kelly_GarrityThat is where the newsletter will be come the most important - as things are brought up and we need the balance of the membership to pass a motion, then we use the news;etter as the tool to spread the ifnormation - and THAT is memebrs ONLY
Barbara_M left.
bob_wI would suggest then that a new page be created as teh Officail Blanc de Hotot Breeders page. To convert Lauries page would result in people being kicked off of it if they are not members
Jen_WLaurie has done a fantastic job of gathering the community. If she is willing to convert her page, that would be a huge boost to the community.
Laurie_Staleyis there a way to pull up history of this chat?
Jen_WOfficial facebook pages are typically not members only.
Mardi_Trickster_HaresOh, I see the dilemma
Kelly_GarrityI will copt and postre it to you laurie, what email should I use?
Babs_G.Lauri go to the top to action and theres a drop down
Mardi_Trickster_HaresI wouldn't want to kick anyone out of an official club page as that would reduce interest in our breed
Diego_AguilarI also think creating an official page, separated from Laurie's page, would be beneficial
Kelly_GarrityWhen you get kicked, I think ot takes a hike
Diego_Aguilaronly used for discussing decisions and whatnot
Diego_Aguilarall the admin etc
Barbara_M joined.
Babs_G.Yes I agree. I have done that with several of my buisnesses.
Diego_Aguilarand people who are already on the other FB page will be more tempted to join the club in order to access the official Hotot page
Jen_WI would like to point out that if there is a second club, people can be members of both. They should be complimentary, not competing.
Mardi_Trickster_HaresOK now I see what you all are getting at, I am open to the idea of a new "official" page
Babs_G.It allows privacy for "club" things so rumors and what not are created
Diego_Aguilaryes I second Jen_"
Jen_WLaurie, let me know if you got the transcript.
bob_wIs there a motion to set up a separate Blanc de Hotot FB page for members only?
Mardi_Trickster_HaresGood point Babs!!
andrew.evanswhat about then an admendment to the motion of the FB page??
Ludivine_LaperrièreI second Jen.
Jen_WI didn't actually make a motion. Just discussion.
Diego_AguilarI would like to make it a motion
Kelly_GarrityI am not in favor of a second members only facebook page, bob
Diego_Aguilarit's an easy way to know who are HRBI members
Jen_WDiego, we don't currently have the full membership list so we wouldn't know who to start with.
Diego_AguilarI believe Matt has the info
Kelly_GarrityAs soon as the data is received by matt, I will be uploading the membership list to the website.
Barbara_MI think having separate pages will take away from them both-
Babs_G.It could but its also beneficiAL.
Laurie_StaleyI'm not in favor either.
Diego_AguilarIf a single page is kept, i think it would be important to keep discussions on some rules to members only
Jen_WI think the last motion officially made and seconded was to make Laurie's page the official page. I think we just jumped into a whole lot of discussion.
Diego_Aguilarand I don't know how that is possible
Babs_G.Maybe we could "try" a second page and see how it works
Kelly_GarrityComittees are formed to dicuss things - and then those things are presented to the membership in the form of meetings to vote. we only count votes from paid members, but we DO get to hear the general concensus in regards to ideas
Laurie_StaleyI make a motion to keep my page as an in informational and chat type page as it currently stands.
andrew.evansWhat about moving the FB discussion then to a commitee of 3?
Kelly_GarrityWe CAN hold more frequent meetings - and that is something I would like to see more of.
David_ShrinerI second Laurie.
Kelly_GarrityLaurie-is that a step donw form an Official page, or are we keeping ti an official page but adding a more precise rule set at a later time?
Mardi_Trickster_HaresIf Laurie wants to keep her page as is, that is her perogative and I respect that. I do vote on a second "official" page IF you all think that would be helpful for unifying the actual club members
Jen_WLaurie, no one can tell you what to make your page. If you want to keep it the way it is, we don't need to vote on that.
Ludivine_LaperrièreI would like to keep Laurie's page + an official page for members only
Mardi_Trickster_HaresOT: Kelly - there are no breeders listed on HRBI.org whatsoever. the directory is just listed as "pending"
Jen_WI'd like to motion to have an official Blanc De Hotot page with the specifics to be determined on a separate vote.
Kelly_GarrityI am aware of this - I am waiting for the list from Matt so we dont look like we only have 7 members.
bob_wWE have several motions made... shall we vote on any of them?
Babs_G.If you add my family... there 7 memebers right there!
Babs_G.Yes bob!
Kelly_GarrityBabs - I meant as in 7 membership forms... :)
Ludivine_LaperrièreLaurie's page is Laurie's page. No one can force her to change it.
bob_wall in favor of leaving the page the way it is now say aye
Babs_G.I would be happy to set up an offical page for members only
Mardi_Trickster_HaresBabs- aye
Ludivine_LaperrièreI second Babs G
bob_wmotion passes Lauries page remains as is
bob_wNow - creting a new member only page = say aye
Babs_G.all galkowskis say aye but 1 says no
Jen_WMotion to amend that to a motion to create an official page with details to be discussed later.
Jen_WCan I do that?
Laurie_StaleyI'd like to discuss Nationals 2014
Diego_Aguilari second laurie
bob_wRoberts Rules of Orders you can not make an amendment in the middle of a vote
Jen_WOk, thanks
Mardi_Trickster_Hares ::laugh
bob_wAppears the nays takes the last vote.
Laurie_StaleyNay to members only page
bob_wDiscussion of Nationals up nest
andrew.evansI move to have nationals at the Ohio Mini Convention
Kelly_GarrityI propose that we hold the National show on conjunction with the Ohio Mini COnvention set for the first weekend in May at Columbus Ohio.. I also propose to be secretary for the show.
Barbara_MI'll second that
Jen_WI second the motion to have it in Ohio.
andrew.evansI withdraw my motion
bob_wwe have a motion to hold Hotot Nationals at Ohio miniconvention - discussion
Mardi_Trickster_HaresBob - I count 6 NAYS and 6 AYES, sounds like a tie, actually
Jen_WSounds good to me.
bob_wthen I'll cast the tie breaker - no
Kelly_GarrityI second Bob
Kelly_Garrityon open disucssion of the National in Ohio
Jen_WI already made plans to go.
andrew.evansI feel nationals inOhio is a good idea because it is in the middle of a majority of the breeders, evening out the travel. the show ohio show was always been a success in the past......with no hickups
Babs_G.I dream of going
Kelly_GarrityI feel that the Ohio location is a good one. History ahs shown it to have a good turn out, availbile judges, and at a reasonable fee asses
bob_ware there other options besides Ohio?
ShereeJme too Babs G
Diego_AguilarI motion to have a group deadline to decide where Nationals will be held in 2015 and in the future. It is unacceptable to decide where Nationals will be held in late February.
Laurie_StaleyI love the Ohio Mini location. My only gripe about them was that we were pushed back after a Specialty Show for judging. I belive that we should have precidence (sp?) by being a national show.
Babs_G.I hope my back is healed!
Mardi_Trickster_HaresI'd love to suggest to bring Nationals to the West Coast for 2015 at Portland convention
Laurie_StaleyWCC? That is the only other large show.
Diego_AguilarI don't mean that we should vote on the location now
Diego_Aguilarjust decide a deadline
Diego_Aguilarwhen we'll have to vote
Babs_G.Some people do there national shows at our amana show in iowa
Laurie_StaleyI second Diego
Kelly_GarrityI agree Laurie - but the numbers dedicates the presedence. I can see what I can do, and lodge a complaint in that department and see if I can get it resolved that the National will be held like any other National - before a specialty
Steve_PappasWhat about PaSARBA in Feb?
Mardi_Trickster_HaresAlso vote for WCC
andrew.evansAre we discussing 2014 0or 2015
Kelly_GarrityI second Diego's set dates for Nationals to be heard easlier in the season.
Barbara_MPASRBA would be great
Mardi_Trickster_HaresI second Diego's suggestion too
Kelly_GarrityI agree Barbara, PaSRBA would be VERY good, but it is SO early in the year
Steve_PappasIn all due respect, Nationals need to be held where there is a populus of Hotot's. You dont want to have a senerio of 10 rabbits show up to a national show
Kelly_Garrityevery 6 months is a good break up for Nationals and Conventions.
Jen_WWashington, Indiana and the East Coast seem to have the highest concentration of Hotots. Hopefully in a few years, the south will have a good concentration as well.
Kelly_Garrity*Andrew - we are disuccing options for 2014, and to set dates earlier for future Nationals, and opening the flor to other suggestions for the 2014 as well as some chat about locations for 2015
Barbara_MOhio Mini seems like a good idea
Mardi_Trickster_HaresThe problem is Steve, we need help building up our members and interest out here. If its Portland - I presume Bob and Autumn two of our foremost breeders, would attend
bob_wIs there interest in establishing a National Show Committee to research and recommned settings/
Jen_WI would absolutely attend in Portland!
Laurie_StaleyIf you want Nationals where all the Hotots are, then the Midwest is it. That is why Ohio works well.
Mardi_Trickster_HaresEvery national has been back east so far
Babs_G.We will be in portlad too. all my family is there
Kelly_GarrityYES, There is interest Bob
Diego_AguilarConvention in 2015 is already in Portland
Mardi_Trickster_HaresI am definitely attending Portland 2015 with Hotots, and hope to meet Bob and Autun and Jen!
Diego_AguilarI don't see it as beneficial to have both shows at the same place
andrew.evansagree with diego
Babs_G.Benefits.. save $$$$
Laurie_StaleyI motion to have 2014 Nationals held in Ohio
Diego_Aguilari second dLaurie
bob_wI don't recollect there being National breed shows held in conjunction with ARBA convention
Kelly_GarrityIt can be problematic to have both shows in similar areas - the 2014 Mini Rex Nationals are going to be in TX, as well as the 2014 Convention. It severely limits people who wish to attend both.
Ludivine_LaperrièreI second Laurie.
Mardi_Trickster_HaresOh, can't have them during convention?
Jen_WI think the motion is already on the table for discussion.
Mardi_Trickster_HaresI meant at same time - correct me if I'm wrong
Kelly_Garrity*bob - I think it was meant as the situation I presented with Mini Rex
Jen_WMardi, they should be opposite times for the year from convention so there are two different big shows.
Jen_Wi think.
bob_wWE have a motion to hold 2014 Hotot nations in Ohio, and the motion has been seconded. all in favor say aye
Mardi_Trickster_HaresOH thanks Jen
Kelly_GarrityNO SHOWS can be held durring a National Convention, it is against ARBA riuling.
Kelly_Garrity*Nationals at least
Mardi_Trickster_Haresno vote - can't make it :(
andrew.evansi move previous question on motion stating we have nationals in ohio
Kelly_GarrityYou can vote regardless Mardi
andrew.evansnevrmind i was typing and didnt see bobs post
bob_wok vote passes 2014 Hotot national in Ohio
Diego_Aguilari motion to have Kelly as secretary for nationals in 2014
bob_wdo I hear a motion to establish a National Show committee
Kelly_GarrityI motion to be the show secretary for the Ohtot National 2014
andrew.evanssecond kelly as well
bob_wall right we have a motion and a second to nominate Kelly as show secretary all in favor say aye
Kelly_Garrity*retaract motion til comittee discussion ends
Kelly_GarrityAye on National Show comitteee
Diego_Aguilaraye on national show commitee
Babs_G.aye on national show comittee
andrew.evansCan a national committee be made, with members of 3 parts of the country, to vite and reseach each national show? this IS NOT A MOTION
bob_wyes Andrew
Barbara_Myes aye on National Show Commitee
Kelly_Garrity*Andrew - I think that would be the intention
Mardi_Trickster_HaresWho else is on the West Coast here besides me and Bob?
Laurie_Staley left.
Jen_WAutumn is on the west coast, JJ is close and I would go there in a heart beat.
Laurie_Staley joined.
Babs_G.We would go as well
Kelly_GarrityAutumn I beleive
bob_wAre there any volunteers for a National Hotot Show Committee?
Mardi_Trickster_HaresThanks Jen but can't vote them into the National Show Committe ;) they're not here
Babs_G.I can volunteer
Jen_WI thought you were just asking in general.
Diego_Aguilarmaybe vote for a National Hotot Show Comittee later when absent people know about it?
Mardi_Trickster_HaresI am on the fence Bob to rep the West Coast as I'm not able to get out to a lot of big shows - do you? I am planning to go to WCC however
Mardi_Trickster_HaresI mean, I go to big shows, in CA
Jen_WIf we are talking about the first week of May, we need a committee pretty quick.
Kelly_GarrityWe ahve enough to form it now - we can always add more later who wish to be a part of it. I motion to continue discussion on National Comitteee
Diego_Aguilari second
Mardi_Trickster_HaresI'd be happy to be involved with that discussion
Kelly_GarrityThis year is already in effect, we are discussion for 2015 and on
Laurie_StaleyThe committee would be for 2015
Barbara_Msecond Kelly
Mardi_Trickster_HaresYes, for 2015
Jen_WThe southern states might be an option in 2016 or later.
Mardi_Trickster_Hareslets start real early - I calendar my events often a year in advance!
ShereeJindeed Jen
Kelly_GarrityI offer to be on the National Comittee for future shows. I am active at shows
Steve_PappasSomeday the "south will rise again!" LOL
Babs_G.and the north!
ShereeJindeed Steve P LOL
Mardi_Trickster_HaresWell with Convention on the West Coast in 2015 maybe the south is just fine for Nationals 2015
Mardi_Trickster_HaresDo clubs have specialty shows at Conventions?
Laurie_StaleyI think we should try to have a rep from each district, if possible on the committee for national shows
ShereeJ2015 is too soon for the South!!!!!!!!
Steve_Pappasyes clubs hold specialty shows all the time
Babs_G.Thats a good idea Laurie
Barbara_MI second kelly to be on the commitee
andrew.evansI will be a southern rep if needed
Mardi_Trickster_HaresI offer to be on that committee
Babs_G.I offer to be on the comitte
Mardi_Trickster_Haresfor West Coast
Kelly_GarrityI have also been show secretary and MR specialty club president for several years, and know what to look for in a venue to holst a show, as well as general paramaters of what is needed
Steve_PappasI will volunteer for Dist. 9 director if you want me to1!!!
Mardi_Trickster_Haresawesome Kelly, I vote in favor of you
Babs_G.I can volunteer for District 3
Autumn_D joined.
Mardi_Trickster_HaresIf Bob or Autumn wants to take over West Coast I'm ok with that too
Mardi_Trickster_HaresThey have more experience
Mardi_Trickster_Haresspeak o'the devil
bob_wI have Babs, Kelly, Andrew, Steve, any others?
Laurie_Staley left.
Mardi_Trickster_HaresYes I volunteered myself
bob_wand Mardi that makes 5
Laurie_Staley joined.
bob_wDo I hear a motion to accept them as the National Show committee?
Kelly_GarrityWe really dont have any 'district' directors, but we do have several directors in regions. We had a director for the KS area, but she has been MIA for some time, and I feel that we will need a new director as her replacement. I would like to motion for a replacement director for Kat, as soon as the
Diego_AguilarI suggest Ludivine for District 7
Kelly_Garritywe really do not have 'district' directors...we have regisonal directors
Mardi_Trickster_Hareswho is the director for West Coast?
Laurie_StaleyI'll do district 8
Babs_G.I run the D3 Website for the whole district. Does that qulify me :)
Mardi_Trickster_Hareswhat are these numbers coming from?
Kelly_Garritywe have a position for district director bascially in the south...Kat from KS has been MIA
Babs_G.Sorry typing isnt the best when your holding a toddler
Laurie_Staleyfor national committee
Laurie_StaleyMardi, the ARBA membership is split into 9 disctricts across the country
Kelly_GarrityIt would be great to have at least one from ever district, but I think the club numbers might need to rise a bit before we can do that
Steve_PappasWhy not make it easy, most clubs have dis. directors according to the ARBA districts
Mardi_Trickster_HaresI'd be happy to do my district if there isn't one already
Kelly_GarrityI agree stephen, but we just dont have the numbers.
Mardi_Trickster_HaresI'm on their website - where do you find the districts outlined?
ShereeJAs soon as I join the club, I'm available for my district. I'm in La.
Laurie_StaleyFor general club issues, the current number of directors is adequate.
Diego_AguilarWould it be possible to have District Directors in each district? it would pump up numbers
Diego_Aguilarfor HRBI
Autumn_DIf we're doing districts, Bob and I are in the same district.
Kelly_GarrityNot sure where they are outlines, but they are listed in DR...let me see if I can locate a copy
Kelly_GarrityI agree Diego
Laurie_StaleyI just think that having someone from each district would be beneficial for nationals research.
Barbara_Mthink the numbers are too low to go by districts
andrew.evansD6 is my area i believe- id reprrsent if available
Babs_G.If there isnt anyone that can cover a district maybe someone can "adopt" that district as well until there is someone
Diego_Aguilareven if there is one breeder in the district, it would encourage that person to invite others in the HRBI club?
Kelly_Garrity1. Alaskam Idaho montana oregon washington whyoming northern asia, western canada
Mardi_Trickster_HaresThanks Kelly - I am District 2, I'd be happy to direct
Diego_AguilarI second Babs
Steve_PappasAndrew, we will just forget the south for now, the southerners have to learn how to drive in the snow first before they can become directors. LOL
Mardi_Trickster_HaresI am already in discussion with the very few people in my district
Jen_WI brought my WA driving skills to the south. We're good now.
Kelly_GarrityD2 arizona california, hawaii nevada utah mexico south asia, australia
Babs_G.Hey my hubbys from the south and he can drive in the snow by force! Cause hes now in the north!
Babs_G.D3 Iowa, minnesota, Wi, Nd and Sd
Laurie_StaleyI think we only need 1 HRBI director to replace Kat
Mardi_Trickster_Haresheck Diego I've been inviting people NOT in my district into the club ;)
Ludivine_LaperrièreWhat do you know about snow Americans... I am Canadian!
Mardi_Trickster_HaresSteve - LOL
Laurie_StaleyMotion to replace Kat with another district director
Kelly_GarrityAt this point, yes, just one to replace Kat
ShereeJLOL!!! Ludivine
Kelly_GarrityI second lauries motion
Laurie_StaleySorry, Motion to replace Kat with another general director
Barbara_MI think any district positions should be voted on- as well as show committee positions
Diego_Aguilari second barbara
Kelly_GarrityI second Barabra as well
Mardi_Trickster_HaresSo District 2 does not get a director?
Steve_PappasI think before you replace Kat the president better send her a certified letter first or must be done at a regular election
Laurie_StaleyHow about we motion for a vote for another director.
Laurie_Staleyor an interim director
Jen_WIf her membership isn't current, she shouldn't need notification to be replaced.
Kelly_GarrityThis is a regular election I beleive.
Ludivine_LaperrièreI second Barbara.
Kelly_Garritynever mind...brainfart
Steve_Pappasher term has not expired, no?
Steve_PappasI dont think you can do that according to most C & BL
Kelly_GarrityIm not sure...Bob?
Jen_WWe really need the C & BL before meetings. Motion to table voting for directors until we know the rules.
Kelly_GarrityShe was a stand in last year because we only needed 3
Steve_PappasI dont think you can just oust someone from their elected unless they have a chance to explain their absense or they resign
Laurie_Staley left.
bob_wThe president has the authority to appoint a director in the event of emergency. If her ARBA membership is expired that would constitute an embergency
Laurie_Staley joined.
Steve_PappasYes, but has it been verified?
Kelly_GarrityWe opened it to 4 hoping for additional push for the breed.
Steve_Pappaswith ARBA?
Kelly_GarrityShe has not renwed HRBI I dont think....let me confirm with Matt
Mardi_Trickster_Haresdo we get notified when its time to renew our memberships?
Steve_PappasNow if she has not renewed, thats a different story
Kelly_GarrityYou will see it as soon as I post it on the website.
Steve_Pappasthan yes, she needs to be replaced by proxy
Kelly_GarrityYes Stephen
Steve_PappasIm sorry, I will shut up now!!!! LOL
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Kelly_GarrityNo, no - please dont. I appreciate your insight
Laurie_Staley joined.
Diego_Aguilarmotion to vote for new vice-president
Diego_AguilarI propose Kelly
Ludivine_LaperrièreI second Diego.
Laurie_Staley left.
andrew.evansare we discussing directors or vice president
bob_wSuggest we elect an additional director pending verificaiton of her status
Jen_WAre Leslie Ardison, Barb Semb, and Chris Hagerty all MIA?
bob_wwe're still on the director(s)
Barbara_MI'll second Kelly
Kelly_GarrityChris is here - he cannot connect, his laptop is retarded.
Laurie_Staley joined.
Mardi_Trickster_HaresSo are we voting in directors for each district, or only a replacement for Barb? I am noticing there are NO directors for an entire half of the united states, the west half.
Kelly_GarrityThen nominate yourself for a director position, your allowed to do that :)
Mardi_Trickster_HaresWhere I am. I still think its a great idea to have more directors so its more comprehensively taking in the whole of the US
Diego_AguilarI really think each district should have a director, no matter how many breeders
Mardi_Trickster_HaresI already did Kelly :)
Laurie_Staleyi haven't heard form Leslie in about a year
Autumn_DI would volunteer myself for D 1, as Bob is the President.
Ludivine_LaperrièreI second Diego. We need to promote the breed and its interests in each district.
ShereeJCan yall get paypal going for the club so I can join easier? Whenever yall see fit to work it into the meeting.....
Laurie_StaleyHow many directors are allowed as per the by laws
Ludivine_LaperrièreI second Autumn Dennistoun.
bob_wwe have to have at least 3 directors per ARBA. Bylaws allows up to however many the club wants beyond that!
Kelly_Garrityas far as paypal - I believe that Matt was looking into it...being the secretary/treasurer, he has the financial data.
Diego_AguilarLaurie ; i talked to her
Laurie_Staley left.
Babs_G.i live on paypal:)
Diego_Aguilarand she stopped raising Hotots
Mardi_Trickster_HaresAutumn, when you get a moment scroll back on the convo to the National Show committee- I volunteered for the West Coast b/c you weren't online, I know you have more experience. You can FB me later so we're not off topic
Laurie_Staley joined.
Diego_Aguilarbut you could split
Diego_Aguilarautumn could be d1
Diego_Aguilarand you d2
Mardi_Trickster_HaresI second Autumn for District 1
Babs_G.Me d3
Kelly_GarrityFor the experience, I am for Autumn
Diego_Aguilari second autumn
Mardi_Trickster_HaresI will volunteer again for District 2, if no one says no then am I in? ;)
Barbara_MI'm for Autumn too
Diego_Aguilari second mardi for d2
bob_wHow did we go fram a National Show Conmittee to Director discussion???
Diego_Aguilarand i second babs for d3
Mardi_Trickster_Haressecond Babs for D3
Kelly_GarrityMardi for D2
Ludivine_LaperrièreI second Mardi for District 2.
Laurie_StaleyAutum, you are now an adult member? yea?
Kelly_GarrityI thought we completed the national show comittee above...
Autumn_DI'm over 18, yes.
Mardi_Trickster_HaresBob I thought that National show committee discussion ended a long time ago!
Diego_Aguilari second Ludivine for d7
Mardi_Trickster_HaresSecond Ludivine for D7
Babs_G.I dont see where it was solidified
Barbara_Mno, Bob is right, it was not tabled
Laurie_Staley left.
Diego_Aguilari second Steve Pappas for d6
Mardi_Trickster_HaresSecond Steve for D6
Kelly_Garrityi tried to scroll up, but it wont let me go that far
Laurie_Staley joined.
Jen_WThe show committee needed people from different areas so the directors came up as they would be responsible for their area.
Mardi_Trickster_HaresReality check: how many more things do we have to cover its almost been 2 hours and I am now going to be late to my next commitment - this has been important no complaints just want to know what else we have to cover
ShereeJI have about 8 min before I have to leave too
Laurie_StaleyWhy do we need so many directors?
Kelly_GarrityI am not opposed for actual district reps - the more the merrier, and it seems like everyone is in favor of district reps.
Diego_Aguilari second Kelly
Kelly_Garritya director in each district will have someone to contact for infromation, and possibly meet up with for advice and whatnot. So far, we are very far and few between.
Mardi_Trickster_HaresIt sounds like there is no opposition to the votes on the district reps, can we all agree those that were seconded in are "in" and move on? I agree with Kelly - the more the merrier - the stronger we build our foundtion, the more new members will feel that solid foundation
Diego_Aguilarit's easier to handle for the newsletter as well
Jen_WI think district reps would be awesome. I agree with whoever said that if a district was lacking a director, they could fall under the closest district until their district had more participation.
Diego_Aguilarmemberships and everything
Laurie_StaleySorry if I keep logging in and out. it is the only way I can refresh the chat. ugh
Kelly_Garrityits ok Laurie - I figgured as much :)
Ludivine_LaperrièreHold on Laurie, hold on!
Kelly_GarrityBob will provide a transcript, and it will be posted to the website again, as with the last one. they will be archived
Laurie_StaleyI'm opposed.
Diego_Aguilarif i may, why?
Jen_WIt really doesn't make sense to do business differently than the rest of ARBA.
bob_wIs there a motion for a director from each district to coincide with ARBA's district?
Kelly_GarrityMotion to have district directors to represent each ARBA district
Jen_WIf there is a motion we go to discussion, correct?
bob_wis there a 2nd?
Laurie_StaleyTell me what you guys think the directors actually do??
bob_wmotion and second to have a director from each distirct all in favor
Mardi_Trickster_HaresMy understanding is the directors are a point person for that area, for helping new members get started, answer questions, and hopefully be involved with club discussion, which currently I have not been
Mardi_Trickster_HaresI mean as not being a director
Jen_WUp to this point, it doesn't seem like much. Which is why we may need more directors.
Steve_PappasI really hate to say it but it seems like this forum is not going to work. Perhaps, like other clubs do, there should be a list of questions mailed out to ALL members with a deadline to return the questions that are voted upon. Then you have EVERYTHING in writing, no questions asked. So perhaps o
Diego_Aguilarthe thing is the club is now paralyzed
Diego_Aguilarwithout the information from Matt, we can't do nothing
Diego_Aguilarand waiting longer isn't beneficial at all
Mardi_Trickster_HaresSteve- I think that is a great goal to reach for, our active membership is small,
Laurie_Staley left.
ShereeJI agree with Diego
Kelly_GarrityStephen - for future, YES, this is what we have been trying to do. We need a real newsletter editor, and we need the directors to be working, not just sitting around with a title. Because we are so small, this has been all we can do
Laurie_Staley joined.
Mardi_Trickster_HaresThese discussions we are having right now are super helpful, more than receiving a piece of paper with motions to vote on. I am learning a lot!
Barbara_Mwaiting meant we missed the chance to amend the standard- diego is right
Diego_Aguilaryes, it will be easier in the future to send votes and everything through the newsletter
Jen_WOur active membership cannot grow without an active secretary. District representatives or directors should know enough about their region to help out with situations like that.
Babs_G.Do you need a secretary???
Mardi_Trickster_HaresWe will get there, this meeting is a good start- getting active people appointed to positions!
Kelly_Garrity*Bob - Matt said that Kat IS NOT current on membership
Laurie_StaleyI personally think it is weird to have 9 directors for a club with a membership of less than 50. At best there are 30 members.
bob_wThere is a vote before the group, and only 5 people have voted.
ShereeJI have to go now. Have a good meeting. I'll catch up later in the archives!
Autumn_DDo we have a list of current and expired members?
Jen_WWhat is the vote?
Kelly_GarrityI feel that it might be weird now, but as we grow, it will balance out. Thats all I can think about - growth and maturity
ShereeJyou'll have 31 members when yall can figure out how to set up paypal.
Mardi_Trickster_HaresI dont' think its wierd. We need to build up our membership. Having all directors on the east coast doesn't seem like a lot of support on the west coast, IMO
bob_wshall HRBI have a director from each of 9 districtrs
ShereeJvice pres can't step up and set up a paypal?
Jen_WThere is no vice president
Babs_G.aye x 5
ShereeJoh ok jen thanks
andrew.evans aye
bob_wok. vote passes
Babs_G.I can set up paypal if you need help with that.
Kelly_GarrityDid we finalize on the member of the Nationals Comittee?
Jen_WI'd like to make a motion to put interim memberships in place while we're waiting for the secretary to recover.
Barbara_Mno, we didn't
ShereeJ left.
Ludivine_LaperrièreI second Jen.
Laurie_Staley left.
Ludivine_LaperrièreLike in the Army...
Kelly_GarrityMotion to finalize Nationals Comittee?
Mardi_Trickster_HaresAre we finished on the Districts before going back to Nationals?
Steve_Pappaswho is on it
bob_wWho should those interested in being directors send their informaiton to?
andrew.evanssecond to kelly
Laurie_Staley joined.
Autumn_DCan someone fill me in on the Nationals Commitee, please? I know my name was offered up, but don't know what we're talking about.
Ludivine_LaperrièreSecond Autumn.
Mardi_Trickster_HaresAutumn, I volunteered for the West Coast, to help determine suitable place for a nationals out West.
Kelly_GarrityI can interim anything anyone would like me to - however I do not have physical access to finances.
Mardi_Trickster_Hareswith the caveat that if you wanted to do it you are more experienced.
Laurie_StaleyNationals committee to research locations to hold the annual national show
Kelly_GarrityNationals committee memebrs wold check out venues for holding nattional shows starting for 2015
Mardi_Trickster_HaresI am particularly interested in bringing Nationals closer out West at some point but I think you have been to a lot more shows than me so far :)
Autumn_DThe thing is, I'm headed off to university in a year or so... So I'll be around now, but not as much later when I cut my herd and move away.
Jen_WOnce we finish nationals committees, can we figure out if interim is an IOU or paypal collected by an individual and sent to Matt.
Mardi_Trickster_HaresAutumn do you want to do it or else I will
Laurie_StaleyI can help Kelly with any of the sec/treas stuff as i was the secretary previous to Matt
Diego_Aguilarwhat about we decide the district directors, then just pick three different district directors to form the nationals committe
Kelly_GarrityI saw your name mentioned Andrew, and mine as well, but I dont remeber who else LOL
Jen_WThe south won't need to research it. We don't have enough breeders down here. We abstain.
Kelly_GarrityAutumn - but if you are still judging, you will be insightful to have out in the world looking ant venues
andrew.evansim sorry but my mind it blown- i just didnt realize
bob_wHere are the names I wrote down for the committee..... Babs, Kelly,Andrew, Mardi, Steve
Laurie_Staleyi said i would do district 8, unless David wants to. He's been awful quiet though
Diego_Aguilarif directors need to be decided after review of some sort, then let's find replacements for those directors who are no longer members, and decide within those actual directors
Jen_WI just mean as far as holding it.
Kelly_GarrityI am willing for D9\
Autumn_DI'm judging mostly in WA for now..
Mardi_Trickster_HaresOK Put me on Nationals, and me on District 2.
Barbara_MI'm behind Autumn for her experience
andrew.evansthen can my name be removed bob if stephen is on it? he can take over the southern opinion
David_ShrinerLaure. I'm ok with your nomination.
Jen_WWV is right next to Ohio. They don't count as south for this.
andrew.evansthen i'll stay on
Mardi_Trickster_HaresIt's been 2 hrs and 10 mins I feel like these points are dragging on and losing cohesion, can we close these points?
Jen_WAre we voting on the committee as Babs, Kelly, Andrew, Mardi, Steve and Autumn?
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Mardi_Trickster_HaresJen - YES
Kelly_GarrityI think so Jen
Laurie_Staley joined.
Autumn_DI can be on the commitee, but don't want to be in charge of the whole deal.
andrew.evansabsolutely because we are jumping from show committee to directors with no end in sight. this could be a lay on the table matter
Mardi_Trickster_Haresits gotten crazy
Steve_Pappassend it all in the mail for a vote
Mardi_Trickster_HaresI think we all did vote in our directors for each district already though.
Mardi_Trickster_HaresI think both points are closed, yes?
Kelly_GarrityStephen - $$$$
Mardi_Trickster_Haresis there anything else we need to discuss?
bob_wIt would help if you all would stick to one topic at a time...
Steve_Pappastrue that
Babs_G.We need an outline
Jen_WI believe voted to have directors for each district and it passed. I believe now we are voting on the committee. I don't know if that's right. Just trying to keep up.
Kelly_GarrityI notopn bob to bring each item up, we vote, close and move to the next again. No discussion that is OT
Mardi_Trickster_HaresIts been motioned several times for a vote and then it doesn't close.
andrew.evansthen previous question for committee
Laurie_StaleyBob, take charge. Please.
bob_wall in favor of Babs, Kelly, Andrew, Mardi, S
bob_wSteve, Autumn \
Mardi_Trickster_HaresLaurie did you state what your objection was?
bob_wNational Show Committee is approved
Mardi_Trickster_Hares ::biggrin
bob_wIs there anything else that needs addressed?
Kelly_GarrityDistrict rdirectors?
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Diego_Aguilarhow to we deal with nominations for directors and vice-president
Mardi_Trickster_HaresI thought we already handled district directors?
Laurie_Staley joined.
Diego_Aguilarif you want a paper vote, I will need the list of members ASAP
bob_wBylaws says nominations are to be sent to the secretary, a ballot prepared and sent out to the membership.
Jen_WI motion to table the details on nominations for directors and vice-president until the Constitution and Bylaws are available.
Kelly_Garrity^^Diego has it - how to deal with nominations
Mardi_Trickster_Haresgreat. Diego do you have the list of nominations in this chat?
Kelly_Garritythen we need to vote on an intrim for the ballots to be prepared by.
Diego_Aguilarcorrect me if I'm wrong: autumn for D1, mardi for d2, babs for d3, stev for d6, ludivine for d7, laurie for d8, kelly for d9. i don't know for others
Laurie_StaleySo, according to the By Laws, we can only NOMINATE for directors and VP. Then, it must be mailed to the entire membership.
Jen_WIf it's done by mail, is there anything left to discuss?
Diego_Aguilarwell let,s agree first on who is nominated
Kelly_Garrityi think if we have multiple nominations or persons running for the postion, then we mail ballots....
Diego_Aguilarthen I will be able to establish a ballot
Mardi_Trickster_HaresI see and agree on your nominations Diego
Laurie_Staleywho is in districts 4 or 5?
Diego_Aguilaryes who is d4 and d5?
Jen_WSheree and Andrew both volunteered for District 6.
Mardi_Trickster_HaresI dont' think all the districts are covered Laurie, so a nearby district director will handle those
Kelly_GarrityI dont think we ahve members in D4 or D5
Mardi_Trickster_HaresSheree is not a member- yet
bob_wThe bylaws allows the president to appoint an officer in the event of an emergency
Jen_WShe's been trying to become a member but there isn't currently a way to become one.
Kelly_GarrityShe can send her membership to Matt...he tells me when he receives new ones
andrew.evanshow did i get pushed out of running for D6
David_ShrinerYou can mail a check to Matt. I did for my renewal!
Diego_Aguilarso how do we vote: online since it is an emergency of by mail?
Mardi_Trickster_HaresYou didn't, Andrew
Babs_G.I can do D5 as well
Laurie_Staley left.
Diego_Aguilaras I said I would need the member list ASAP
Jen_WI mailed a check in November. It hasn't been cashed and no response. I understand why but it still happened.
Kelly_GarrityD 6 had interest by Steve Pappas and Andrew Evans
Babs_G.I go that way for shows too
Diego_Aguilarand we need to confirm who is nominated for each district
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Kelly_GarrityJen - Matt has confirmed your membership to me
Diego_Aguilarso d1 there is only Autumn?
andrew.evansbob too but hes president
bob_wOK folks. I have other things I need to do. Are we going to conduct business or just chat?
Diego_Aguilari mean who nominated for district director
Autumn_DBob, Barb Blanketship, and I are the only breeders in that district.
Kelly_Garritylets get back to the whole district directors.
Mardi_Trickster_HaresI'm just thrilled that District 2 is not only Calfornia but Southern Asia & Australia - now I can write off my trips - haha
Mardi_Trickster_HaresYes Bob please step in and take the lead
andrew.evansbob call a point of order because this is just rambling
Kelly_GarrityWe can vote on the districts that have more than one willing person
Diego_Aguilarbob can we vote on district directors?
Diego_Aguilarthose with only one nomination should get approved right away IMO
Mardi_Trickster_HaresWhy don't we cast the VOTE to the MEMBERSHIP for the directors as stated earlier?
Diego_Aguilarand those with multiple nominations could be voted online or by mail
bob_wWE voted and pased having a director from each district. We need to follow procedure on voting for people intereted in filling those positions
Diego_Aguilari think it falls in those emergency situations
Mardi_Trickster_HaresI need to leave this meeting but don't want to miss voting, I'd like to know if there are anymore topics
Diego_Aguilarso what is the procedure then
Laurie_Staley left.
Kelly_GarrityDistrict 6 has two nominees
andrew.evansi call for previous question on directors, going D1-9
bob_wballots sent to the members, and returned to the appropriate person - usually the secretary.
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Mardi_Trickster_HaresAndrew has been a member for awhile, yes? Sheree is brand new. I vote Andrew
Jen_WWho will be acting as the secretary in this case?
Diego_Aguilarok so I need the members list ASAP, and need to confirm who I will put on the ballots
Diego_Aguilard1 is autumn
Jen_WMardi, we're not voting now, just nominating.
Diego_Aguilaryes i know
Diego_Aguilari just want to know who is nominating
Diego_Aguilarthere's only babs nominating?
Mardi_Trickster_HaresD2 is me!!
Laurie_StaleyKelly is acting secretary at the moment.
Diego_Aguilarsorry you're d2
Babs_G.Im D3 and I can do D5
Diego_Aguilaranyone else?
Laurie_StaleyEither. we figure it out now or table it. This is a mess.
Diego_Aguilarok anyone else nominating in d2 or d3?
Diego_Aguilard4 and d5?
Babs_G.I can do D5
Diego_Aguilarthey would be handled by other directors I guess so no vote on it right?
Diego_Aguilarthen d6
Diego_Aguilarandrew and steve
Diego_Aguilaranyone else?
Steve_PappasI would be dist. 9
Laurie_StaleyNow instead of just replacing 1 director, we have to discuss and vote on 9 districts. Head desk.
Kelly_GarrityYes, steve is D9 with me
Diego_Aguilarok so d6
Diego_Aguilaronly andrew?
Diego_Aguilarwasn't there somebody else?
Diego_Aguilard7 ludivine
Diego_Aguilaranyone else?
Jen_WI am in district 6 but not trying to be a representative. Sheree is District 6 but not yet a member.
Diego_Aguilard8 laurie staley?
Laurie_Staley left.
Diego_Aguilaranyone else nominating?
Kelly_Garrityshe needs to refresh
Laurie_Staley joined.
Diego_Aguilarok for d9 then
bob_wthink that's it
Diego_Aguilarthere's Kelly and Steve?
Kelly_GarrityI am a current director, and would like to run again
Diego_Aguilarwhat about the vice-president?
Diego_Aguilarwho is it, how do we decide it
Laurie_Staleyyes im dist 8
Kelly_GarrityVP can be nominated by the President
Kelly_Garrity*MATT* said Leslie has not renewed her dues
Diego_Aguilarso basically there is one nomination per district except d9
Jen_WVice President should take time. Maybe we can have an interim but unless the bylaws say otherwise, it's typically a longer process.
Diego_Aguilarwhy don't we vote on that matter now
Diego_Aguilarinstead of wasting our time
Laurie_StaleyCan the VP hold office of director and VP?
Diego_Aguilarwith ballots where you have only one choice to vote upon anyways?
Diego_Aguilargood question
Autumn_D left.
Kelly_GarrityBob - check status on dual postitioning. I know we could do it with our MR club, but our C&B might be different
Barbara_Mcan we just vote? less expense that way
Laurie_StaleyCan I motion that the President nominates a VP?
Jen_WI would like to express my desire to run for Vice President. I am new to Hotots but I am not new to official clubs. I have been President of a 1000 person military organization booster club with four major and many minor events each year. I have also been many committees for various private military
Diego_Aguilari second laurie
Ludivine_LaperrièreI second Laurie.
Diego_Aguilari think Kelly would be more suitable for VP because of her experience
Jen_WI would like to run for VP.
Barbara_MI nominate Kelly
bob_wDual positioning is not a problem... we don't have enough members to get too restrictive
Diego_Aguilarnot to take off anything from you jen, it's just because she's been in HRBI for longer
Diego_Aguilarand she's good a great job
Jen_WUnderstandable. I am new to Hotots. I would like to run based on experience with organizations and management.
Laurie_Staley left.
Jen_WIf Kelly wants to do it, that's fantastic but she hasn't accepted.
bob_wI know it is a violation of Roberts Rules of Order, but I nominate Steve
Kelly_GarrityI second Bob - Stephen has the experience with officer positions in national specialty clubes
Kelly_Garrity IF hes willing
Diego_Aguilarthat's a good idea
Diego_Aguilaras long as someone with experience replaces the previous vp
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bob_wWe can either vote or I can appoint :)
Laurie_StaleyI'd do VP.
Steve_PappasI would accept that nomination
bob_wSteve is appointed visce president of HRBI
Mardi_Trickster_HaresAye on Steve and your decision, Bob. I also like your mention of experience, Jen
Laurie_StaleyCool. Now is there anything else? or can we adjourn?
bob_walrightr can we consider adjourning. I've got stuff I need to do
Laurie_StaleyMotion to adjourn
Steve_Pappasthank you!!!!
Diego_Aguilarso do i prepare ballots or not?
Kelly_Garrityok, so all we have left is D9 director, will we be voting between Steve and myself?
Mardi_Trickster_HaresYUP I gotta go
Laurie_StaleyKelly do dist 9 if Steve is VP. problem solved
Diego_Aguilarare the district directors all voted except d9?
Diego_Aguilaror like laurie said?
Diego_Aguilarbob can you confirm?
Barbara_MI vote Kelly for 9
Kelly_Garrityif everyone would wait a minute afterwards, i would like to offer the details of the Ohio location...even if you cant stay, thats ok...I want to have them listed here to refer to in the trasncript
bob_wyes I think that everything is settled excetp dist 9 director.
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Barbara_MI need chocolate, its been very stressful---
Steve_PappasI need coffee1!!!!
Diego_Aguilarsteve do you wish to run both positions?
Diego_Aguilarvice-president and d9 director?
Steve_PappasNo, I dont think you can, legally
Steve_Pappasit would be a conflict to be an officer and a director
Laurie_Staley left.
Kelly_GarrityBob said yes by C&B, however it is your call
Diego_Aguilarok then bob, do we have the names for all district directors?
bob_wKelly is a current director. Let's leave her there!
Barbara_MI second Bob
David_Shriner joined.
Diego_Aguilari second
Laurie_Staley joined.
Ludivine_LaperrièreI second.
David_Shriner left.
Diego_AguilarI motion to pass Autumn as D1
bob_wThe names are here somewhere! I'll send the transcript to Kelly and she'll work her majic on it
Kelly_GarrityI will have the website completely updated with the new information as soon as I digest the transcript...2 or 3 days tops.
David_Shriner joined.
Diego_Aguilarok i just wanted to make sure
Steve_Pappasyour good kelly!!!!!
Barbara_Msecond Diego
Laurie_StaleyOk. Are we good now? Again, I motion to adjourn
Diego_AguilarI second
Kelly_GarrityMotion seconded
Ludivine_LaperrièreI second.
bob_wwe have amotion and a second to adjourn all in favor
Steve_PappasBob, did we discuss the officers 50k salery for the year? LOL
Barbara_Min favor
Laurie_StaleyI'll see ya in Ohio. I have had rooms reserved for months.
Laurie_Staley left.
Diego_Aguilar left.
bob_wmeeting adjournd
David_Shriner left.
andrew.evansgood meeting everyone
Kelly_Garrityok the national show will be 52-4. national shows are held on saturday, and we always do a specialty. there is also an all breed show on sunday
Steve_Pappasit was fun!!! TTYL
Steve_Pappas left.
Kelly_Garritywhat we get from the show hall is a building with insurance, cooping, inital shavings in coops, show tables, security, set up and tear down provided. we can pay for booth spoace and catalog advertisements
Jen_WWho will have rabbits available at Nationals, that's the important question...Ludivine, Diego, Steven...hmmmm!
Babs_G. left.
Kelly_Garritythe cost is $1.75 for the first show, and $1.50 for the spcialtiy shows. If we join the Ohio state club as an affiliate, we get a considerable discount, but our numbers are low and it might now be worth it
Kelly_Garritywe charge a much higher fee to earn money, so like $5 a head.
Kelly_Garrityi will work on the catalog, and will see if we can split a judge with another club
Kelly_Garrityas mentioned, i will secretary and provide all of the paperwork, and we need to decide on some awards
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Kelly_GarrityI loved the water bottles tht were shown on the FB page
Kelly_Garritythey would make lovely class awards if we have enough breeders coming to merit the price
Kelly_Garritythen a BOB/BOS award as well
Babs_G.we need to buy some blancs!
Barbara_Mthey were $10 each, but very very nice
Kelly_GarrityWe balanced out with $25 profit from the national last year, however, with our rundrasier we did at the convention, we earned more money and might be able to afford them
Babs_G. left.
Jen_WI've already offered to sponsor $100 toward BOB/BOS awards. The aluminize pictures make great awards but I'm not committed to that idea.
Kelly_GarrityAnyway, thats just the basic information I will need to contact them and let them know our intent, and see if we can split a judge with another club, THAT is where we get bent over most fo the time
Kelly_GarrityI appreciate that offer, we might just need it too! It will bring interest, an good awards make people want to attend again
Kelly_Garrityif the venu is good, thats one thing, if the club sponsoring the show goes all out, thats what makes it memorable
Jen_WI also know a couple that has a laser engraving and embroidery shop in NJ.
Kelly_GarrityWe did tote bags the one year for Convention awards, they were nice AND practical
Jen_WThey had grooming tables at a recent (the only) show I went to. Those are nice.
Kelly_Garritywe also had engraved glassware...which was awesome, we won some the one year, they were lovely
Kelly_Garrityyes, but the cost of those grooming tables can be prohibitive initally...they may cost more than all of the entries form the show
Ludivine_Laperrière left.
Jen_WEngraved glassware is nice and I could get the engraving done cheap.
Jen_WFor $100, I could get two table top ones that are personalized.
Jen_WAs long as I don't have to have them shipped.
Kelly_GarrityI have to see about booth space and what the price would be I would like to ahve our merchandise availible to members, as well as a raffle to eanr more money
Kelly_Garritymoney makes or breaks a club, and I tru to do the best i can with what I ahve to work with
Jen_WSpeaking of...I finally paypaled you.
Kelly_Garrityoh awesome, it didint signal me yet though, weird
Kelly_GarrityBut I am going to keep it in there til I cut the check for Matt, since it was for merhcnadise anyway
Barbara_M left.
Kelly_GarrityBut that is pretty much everything I have to chat about in regards to the national, I will work on the catalog and get everything published to web
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